Los Alamos National Laboratory Publications (no longer) On-line

Links to Information at Los Alamos

The Los Alamos web site has some useful collections of links that are worth browsing:

Technical Reports no more

In a great loss of public information, the Los Alamos web site has removed virtually all of the technical and historical documents it once made available online. The public can still search the online catalog by going to the Los Alamos Library web page and clicking on "Library Catalog". Even if your search returns entries with links to online documents, those links are restricted to "selected government agencies".

The Lost Alamos web site has also removed historical documents that could have conceivable no national security implications. We can only hope that common sense will prevail over time.

NOTE: The following pages organize Los Alamos reports based on subject matter related to Los Alamos history and nuclear weapons. There are no longer any online versions available, but I have left these lists to show what was available. Perhaps they are still available through other sources such as the National Technical Information Service.

Technical Report Title Lists

The Los Alamos Library Catalog has recently added the capability to search for Los Alamos technical reports based on the report number. If an online copy of the report is available, the catalog entry will include a Universal Resource Locator (URL) for retrieving the report using any World-Wide Web browser, such as, Netscape, Internet Explorer, or Lynx. The technical report title lists are:

Los Alamos Science magazine

All issues of Los Alamos Science magazine appear to have been removed from the Los Alamos web site, including the index into that magazine. Below are indexes of selected issues which have articles of both historic and current interest. Some include the following weapons-related articles. You might try finding copies at a local university library.

  • Los Alamos Science, Winter/Spring 1981, Volume 2, Number 1
    High Explosives: The Interaction of Chemistry and Mechanics
  • Los Alamos Science, Volume 3, Number 2, Summer 1982
    Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts -- The Weapons-Test Connection
  • Los Alamos Science, Number 3, Fall 1983
    Comments on The History of the H-Bomb, by Hans A. Bethe.
  • Los Alamos Science, Number 7, Winter/Spring 1983
    The Evolution of the Laboratory
    The Weapons Program
  • Los Alamos Science, Number 17, 1989
    National Security Issue
    The Future of Nuclear Weapons - The Next Three Decades
    Center for National Security Studies
    The Future of Nuclear Weapons Debating The Future
  • Los Alamos Science, Number 21, 1993
    Perspectives on the Laboratory
    The Stewardship of Nuclear Weapons
    Science and Innovation at Los Alamos
    Science Policy: Past and Future
  • Los Alamos Science, Number 23, 1995
    Radiation Protection and the Human Radiation Experiments
  • Los Alamos Science, Number 24, 1996
    Russian American Collaborations to Reduce the Nuclear Danger